iOS 7 Release Date


iOS 7 Release Date, With loads of rumors and concept videos spreading through blogs and forums, ios 7 might be the most awaited iOS version of all time. According to our sources iOS 7 will be a complete re-done version of iOS since its debut. This means iOS 7 comes with new design concept, new icons and may be new animations, but we really hope Apple keeps the overall experience of iOS to the level of standards it is well known for. I Personally like iOS for its simplicity and easy work around and ya we can spice it up to our personal liking by a jailbreak.


Apple will announce its new version of iOS in its years developer conference, WWDC 2013 on June 10 2013, 10 AM pacific time. Alone with iOS 7 the cupertino company will also showcase OS X 10.9 and more. Since iOS 7 is rumored to be a complete re-do we can expect a lot of new and importance features, may be new upgrades of the already available apps or newly added features. One thing we can be sure by looking at this years WWDC logo is that we may get new icons with iOS 7, the logo represents several layers of flat color, which might be representing different app icons based on their specific colors.

iOS 7 release date is set to be june 10 for your local time you can check the image below. Apple will release iOS 7 beta for developers only as of now, the public version will be available for download in august or september.


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